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Copy per 'Calderon'

Letter written to Joseph Gibson, Esq, Dundee by Thomas Benbow Phillips at Rio Grande, dated 18 December 1873

Thomas Benbow Phillips explained that when he gave written advice to Joseph Gibson on 18 August regarding the “Beautiful Star”, the Consul and himself had agreed that the Captain should be discharged. However, the Consul had not carried out their side of the agreement, so the vessel had been deprived of her stores, running gear, warps, sails etc. The Captain had disposed of them. However, when he attended the Naval Court, his defence was that those articles were stolen from the ship, and the Court decided the charges could not be proven. Captain Dunn had been on board repeatedly, and in his opinion the vessel had been on shore; due to the impossibility of raising money for the repairs, he had abandoned the vessel to Thomas Benbow Phillips as Agent of the Underwriters, and duly notified him in writing. Thomas Benbow Phillips had sent a survey on board and declared the vessel “to be houghed amidships, a broken mainmast and requiring new sails and running gear”. Because funds could not be raised, Thomas Benbow Phillips proposed to sell the ship by Public Auction on 22 December. All relevant Documents would be sent to Joseph Gibson after the sale. Thomas Benbow Phillips reported he thought that Captain Walter, the Master of the “Beautiful Star” had acted irresponsibly by allowing the vessel to become a wreck through neglect, and doubted whether he should be allowed to retain his Certificate.

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