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Various accounts pertaining to the ship 'Beautiful Star'

Crew's account of wages total: £123-12-10

The names are as follows, with dates:

Geo Treizise: 28 August; William Wowcroft: 19 August; Rich Egan: 19 August; James Flack:
1 September; Charles Hill: 28 August; Andrew McArney: 22 March

Private Account amounting to £12-11-5¼

Crew's Account – charged to the sum of £10-17-10½

Labour – charged in Monteiro's Account amounting to £7-15-4½

Advance Account
A list of the money which was given to each sailor in 'advance', to pay for such things as postage, soap, matches, knife, powder, cash, shot, 'off duty'. However, Rich Egan was given money 'off duty in Cardiff' and James Flack was given money to pay a 'boarding house' and 'hospital fees'. The total amount of “Advance Money” given to the six sailors was £33-1-3, less cash of £5-0-8; the total amount being £28-0-7.

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