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This was a 2nd Consular Survey “Beautiful Star”

The survey was written by Samuel C Lennon, of the Brig “Gladiator” of Halifax, Nova Scotia and
A H Safo, Master of the Dutch Schooner “Otto” of Workum. They testified and signed before Randal Callander, Esq, H Bell Consul in Rio Grande do Sul, on 11 November, 1873, that the survey was a “true and faithful report of a survey held by them on the brigantine “Beautiful Star” of Dundee”.

They wrote a very detailed report on the lack of seaworthiness of the ship in question, and used nautical terms to describe the extremely poor condtion of the vessel. They described the “rest of the sails fit for nothing but old junk, being rotten and worn out”, which was a pretty good description of the ship in general.

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