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Copy of a letter written to Captain Arthur Walter at Bar of Pilotas by Thomas Benbow Phillips at Rio Grande, dated 20 January, 1874

Thomas Benbow Phillips had received his two correspondences of 16 January and enclosed explanatory notes for his guidance about the payments he had made to the Captain's accounts. He explained that the three amounts deducted from the accounts were made because Captain Walter had debited the ship with those amounts in his disbursments or they had been charged twice. Thomas Benbow Phillips also directed the Captain to use his judgement before writing to his brother-in-law and the Insurance Company. Captain Walter had obviously mentioned he was unsure whether the ship was in a fit condition to leave England, and Thomas Benbow Phillips suggested he ought to have known about its seaworthiness. Thomas Benbow Phillips was also surprised that the Captain had threatened to tell the Insurance about this, and that he would use it to his own benefit and consider his options if his account was not recognised. Thomas Benbow Phillips reminded him that he had declared before the Naval Court that the “Beautiful Star” was in a seaworthy condition when she left England, but if she was not, then the Insurance had no right to pay for her.

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