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Letter written to her son Thomas Benbow Phillips from Mrs Susannah Phillips at Pelotas (dictated to her young companion to write on her behalf), dated 5 May, 1875.

Mrs Susannah Phillips thanked her son (Thomas Benbow Phillips) profusely for his latest letter, which she was so pleased to receive. She had recently spent her birthday with Peter Kraft and had received many small gifts. Her dear Misses had sent her a beautiful chemise, and Mr Kraft had given her four presents. One of the boys gave her a pocket handkerchief and the other a piece of scented soap. Mr Daniel gave her a sovereign, she had a pair of silk stockings from Misses Fulcher, and Misses Mozeley gave her a flannel jacket. Dr Gama Lobos, son-in-law of her master came to see her if she was not well. Mrs Phillips had received a letter and some books from Mr McCloud, and she had sent them a thank-you letter and a picture of herself. She asked Thomas Benbow Phillips to tell them she didn't want them to return the book of sermons. Since Mrs Phillips had sent Thomas Benbow Phillips a photo of herself, she asked him to send a picture of himself together with little Olivia and Susannah, and reminded him to comb his hair tidily! Misses Sanjuan and her daughter Elvira thought Thomas Benbow Phillips was good looking! She sent her love to his wife and children.

In a short PS in her own handwriting, she explained that the letter had been written by her “young lady” so that he could see how well she was progressing. She thought he ought to know, for future reference, she had 50,000 with Mr Kraft.

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