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Letter written to Thomas Benbow Phillips by John Pickering at 279 Stretford Road, Manchester, dated 17 November 1875

John Pickering reported that he had not heard from Thomas Benbow Phillips for a very long time, and had not received a reply to any of his letters. John Pickering had recently received a letter from his son Tom who had spent years in the United States of America, and had left New York to travel to Brazil. John Pickering then wrote to Mr Christopher James to ask if he could find him employment, to be told that Tom Pickering could not have gone to Brazil at a worse time. Apparently the Captain of the ship on which Tom Pickering had sailed knew Thomas Benbow Phillips and reported he was doing well. John Pickering hoped his family and mother were also well. He explained that he eldest daughter Annie was very clever, and her mother and herself were managing the manufacture of quilted shirts. They had eleven sewing machines and eight workers, and he was also helping a little in the business. He sent his family's kind regards to Thomas Benbow Phillips and his family, and wished him well.

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