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Letter to Thomaz Filipe in response to a request for a negotiation of some cows with calves. The sender obliges, saying that they will be delivered, and that the price is of one onca each, unless a price has been previously established with Mr. Larraury. In this case, Mr. Larraury will deliver the cows and calves. If they are to be used for meat, the price is 12 patacoes. The sender says that Thomaz Filipe can take as many as he wants, but asks for a receipt in the letter from Mr. Larraury. On an ending note, the sender says he wanted to write to Mr. Larraury, but can't find paper. The sender might be Gaspar Gomes Dias.
Mister Thomaz Filipe
S. M.el 4 of February 1859

Respectable Mister
After you search for me yesterday today I went ?? in the house of my brother-in-law Freitas with your letter of yesterday in which you tell me that you were coming to negotiate with me some cows with youngs for whose delivery in this occasion I send order to deliver it to you contramarcada, and the number that you want to take, counting that they cost one onca each, and if by chance you already did price with Mister Dom Jose Larraury, it will be by him that you will handle it deliving you the import of them to him, as well as if you ever want to take for meat it will be 12 patacoes, it doesn't matter whether it is calf or cow, however sometimes fat are ??, so you can take the number you want, passing a receipt in the letter that you brought me from … my friend Mister Larraury By the reason above expanded didn't return more ready your own q'ou
Alt.o G.or e C.

Now wanting to write write to Mister Dom Jose I can't find paper = Gaspar G. Dias… you this … ... this by her

Senhor Thomaz Filipe
S. M.el 4 de Fevereiro 1859

Respeitavel Senhor
Depois de seu proprio procu rarme onte oje foi alcansarme em casa de meu cunhado Freitas com sua carta d'onte na qual mediz que vinha negociar com migo umaz vaccas com cria para a entrega das qoaes nesta ocasiam mando orde para lhe entregarem contramarcada, e o numero que von.e quiser levar, com tanto que lhe custao a onca cada uma, e se por ventura vin.e ja fez preco com o Senhor Dom Jose Larraury sera por esse que tratarao entregando vin.e o emporte dellas a elle, assim como saquiser levar alguma vez para carnear sera por 12 patacoes tanto faz que seja Novilho como Vacca, porem as vezes gordas sao chucaras, atao bem pode levar o numero que quiser, passando vin.e recibo nacarta que metrouce dom.m meu amigo Senhor Larraury Pelo Motivo asi ma expendido nao voltou mais pronto seu proprio q'ou

Alt.o G.or e C.

Agora querendo escrever escre ver ao Senhor Dom Jose nao acho papel = Gaspar G. Dias … lhe isto … .ome esta por della

Gaspar Gomes Dias decorated with several op... Impen..orden Colonel of Natinel Guard, died the 8 of Novemb[er] 1863 in Bage. The inhabitants of Cangussu resolved to go in mourning for him for 8 days – Gaspar was respitable, a friend to the poor and much coved in -ussu, but it cannot be f...t that he never …revengful, and h ad compessed ... death of marry

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