• Cap badge of the 49th Reconnaissance Regiment, 1942 - 1946

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Originally a territorial unit, based in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the 49th Reconnaissance Regiment emerged from the 49th Infantry Division, who had fought bravely during the First World War and earned 3 Victoria Crosses in the process. Having seen action in Norway in 1940, they were then stationed in Iceland until 1942, where they adopted their Polar Bear insignia. They were then sent to a base in Porthcawl, South Wales.

Following the D-Day invasions, the regiment fought as Montgomery's left flank, and played vital roles in the capture of Arnhem, and the liberation of Holland. They are honoured annually in Utrecht to this day.

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Wayne Stainthorpe's picture
The 49th (West Riding) Reconnaissance Regiment was not originally a Territorial Army unit based in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The 49th (West Riding) DIVISION was a pre-war territorial formation consisting of the 146th, 147th & 148th Brigades. The first two recruited in Yorkshire and the third in the Notts. & Derbyshire area. The 49th REGIMENT was formed in September, 1942 from the 29th & 148th Independent Squadrons of the Reconnaissance Corps (formed January, 1941) which were attached to the 49th Division, along with the 1st Belgian Fusiliers (replaced in December, 1942 by the 24th (Guards) Independent Squadron). In accordance with normal Reconnaissance Corps practise this new regiment was given the same number as the division with which it would serve - the 49th.

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