Title: Welsh Costumes. / No. 4. / Lithographed and Published by Newman & Co. 48, Watling St.
Description: Group inside and outside a very large room, possibly depicting a bidding when presents were brought to the bride and groom just after a wedding. Note the tea set, Bible (with English Title), birdcage, German wall clock (without a case), broom, washstand jug and basin, patens, smoothing iron, bottles, coal scuttle, umbrella, cooking pot, coal tongs. The size of the room, the gun and pictures on the wall and ornaments on the mantlepiece suggest that one of the couple are relatively prosperous.
(1) [bride?] Woman with cap decorated with ribbons and tied on with a broad ribbon; printed shawl; dress, and holding a Welsh hat.
(2) [groom?] with shirt and bow tie; waistcoat, tailcoat, trousers, shoes
(3) Woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap; low-cut gown and skirt of the same material; check apron, shoes.
(4) Woman with Welsh hat, goffered cap with broad ribbon tie; large cloak with large collar / cape; ?gown, skirt, apron, shoes. Presenting a Bible to the couple.
(5) Woman with bird cage, with Welsh hat, goffered cap, shawl, ?gown, shirt, check apron, shoes.
(6) Woman with a wall clock and broom; Welsh hat, goffered cap, large cloak with collar / cape.
Note: The groom is dressed in exactly the same way as the groom in Newman’s ‘Welsh Costumes no. 6, The Bidding’ except his hair is combed in the opposite direction and some of the gifts are similar.
Medium: steel engraving
Size: mount: 22 x 27.2; image: 15 x 23.3 cms.
Artist: Anon
Lithographer: Newman & Co.
Printer: Anon
Publisher: Newman & Co.
Date: 1850s

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