Title: WELSH COSTUMES No. 5 / Market Scene. / Cardiganshire. / Eng. & Pub. by Newman and Co., 48 Watling St., London
Description: Large group of women selling their produce at a market stall with woman (customer) in bonnet and children in front. Large buildings behind. Aberystwyth? The detail of the costume of only three of the women is clearly visible.
(1) Woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, short-tailed gown, skirt
(2) Woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, shawl, gown, separate sleeves
(3) Woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap, check shawl, gown, separate sleeves
Medium: steel engraving
Size: 14.1 x 18.8 cms (including binding)
Artist: Anon
Engraver: Anon
Printer: Anon
Publisher: Newman & Co.
Date: 1850 (about)
Note: from complete booklet with Newman’s (small) nos. 1-12

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