Title: Welsh Costumes. / No. 9. / Eng. & Pub. By Newman & Co, 48 Watling St. London.
Description: Group in front of church. Thirteen of the women are wearing Welsh hats, but the elderly woman near the centre is wearing an old fashioned ‘man’s’ hat, the woman near the entrance to the churchyard is wearing a bonnet and the woman on the right has a flat or coal scuttle hat. Most of the women are wearing large cloaks.
Note: from complete booklet with Newman’s (small) nos. 1-12
Medium: steel engraving
Size: 14.1 x 18.8 cms (including binding)
Artist: Anon
Engraver: Newman & Co.
Printer: Anon
Publisher: Newman & Co.
Date: 1850 (about)
Very similar to Newman (large) no. 3

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