Title: Welsh Costumes, / No. 11. / Eng. & Pub. By Newman & Co, 48 Watling St. London.
Description: Five women, one with pig, with bay behind, two women in distance.
(1) Woman with Welsh hat, goffered cap with broad ribbon tie; shawl, skirt, shoes, carrying a baby, possibly in a nursing shawl (siol magu) and a basket.
(2) Seated woman in coal scuttle hat, short sleeved ?gown, separate sleeves.
(3) Woman in coal scuttle hat, printed shawl
(4) Woman with Welsh hat, goffered cap with broad ribbon tie and large cloak with a large hood or cape.
(5) Woman in felt or straw hat over printed kerchief, long-sleeved striped gown with collar and bunched-up tail; apron, shoes. Holding a lead for a pig, similar to the Market Scene, North Wales, Newman (small) no. 3.
Note: from complete booklet with Newman’s (small) nos. 1-12
Medium: steel engraving
Size: 14.1 x 18.8 cms (including binding)
Artist: Anon
Engraver: Newman & Co.
Printer: Anon
Publisher: Newman & Co.
Date: 1850 (about)

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