Title: WELSH COSTUMES / GOING TO MARKET / Valentine’s Series
Description: Woman on horse-back, with elderly woman walking by her; two women behind, and four more in the distance.
(1) Woman walking, low, straight-sided Welsh hat printed kerchief, apron, striped skirt.
(2) Woman on horse-back. Welsh hat, goffered cap with broad ribbon tie, cloak, printed shawl of blouse, skirt, carrying a basket.
(3) Woman in Welsh hat, goffered cap
(4) Woman with basket of flowers on her head, goffered cap with broad ribbon tie; printed shawl, short-sleeved gown, apron and either very small shoes, or none at all. She is carrying her Welsh hat by its ties from her waist.
Note: based on Welsh Costumes, Newman small no. 4
Medium: Postcard, sepia toned print.
Size: 8.9 x 13.8 cms
Artist: Anon
Engraver (of original): Newman & Co.
Printer: Anon
Publisher: Valentine
Date: 1900-1910

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