Title: ‘WELSH COSTUMES No 6 / The Bidding / Eng. & Pub. By Newman & Co, 48 Watling St. London.’
Description: Group of five women and a man (on horseback) presenting household goods to a newly wedded couple as part of the bidding custom. All the women are wearing Welsh hats, with caps beneath, held in place with a broad ribbon. Three of the women are shown wearing gowns. The groom appears to be wearing breeches which were out of fashion by the date this was published.
Note: The groom is dressed in exactly the same way as the groom in Newman’s Welsh Costumes (large) no. 4 (a bidding scene inside a cottage) except his hair is combed in the opposite direction.
Medium: steel engraving
Size: mount: 13.3 x 16.2; image: 7.4 x 10 cms. (cut and mounted on card)
Engraver: Newman & Co.
Publisher: Newman & Co.
Date: 1850-1860

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