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The 'Thetis' was a steel barquentine of 343 registered tons built at Dunbarton in July 1893 (a barquentine is a vessel with at lease three masts, all of them rigged a particular way.) Her length was 12 feet, her beam was 25½ feet and her depth was 12 feet.

From 1898 to 1901 she was commanded by Captain David W. Thomas of Aeron Maid, Aberaeron. On 21 July 190, the 'Thetis' set sail from Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands bound for Salvador. On her deck was a large sheep dip made of iron, 45 feet long and six feet deep. The weight of this, and the rest of the cargo, brought the ship dangerously low in the water. Captain Thomas protested and refused to sail her, but was given the option of either sailing her or surrendering his command. So he took her out and the 'Thetis' was lost in a fierce north-easterly gale ten days out from Stanley.

Source: 'Aberayron 1971 Exhibition of Paintings of Sailing Ships and Ships Equipment by Gwilym M. Jones' (Exhibition Catalogue)

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