Prints of people in ragged costumes were rare in the 18th and 19th centuries and six of the examples were by Frenchmen who had a more critical eye of social issues and did not produce the images as souvenirs.
(1) Le chiffonnier des familles, à Swansea. – Dessin de Durand-Brager.
Ragpickers at Swansea. Drawing by Durand-Brager
(2) Les chercheuses d’escarbilles, à Cyfarthfa. – Dessin de Durand-Brager.
Cinder searchers at Cyfarthfa. Drawing by Durand-Brager
(3) Pauvrettes, à Merthyr Tydfil. – Dessin de Durand-Brager.
Poverty at Merthyr Tydfil. Drawing by Durand-Brager
(4) Une femme et un jeune ouvrier des mines, à Pontypool. – Dessin de Durand-Brager.
A woman and young mining worker at Pontypool. Drawing by Durand-Brager.
Published in ‘Costumes du pays de Galles. - Dessin de Grandsire d'apres M.A. Erny’ from ALFRED ERNY, Voyage dans le Pays de Galles, Paris, L.Hachette et Cie with 19 woodcuts by Émile Bayard Grandsire, (Le Tour du Monde, XV), (1867)

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