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Title: Poissonières du pays de Galles. – Dessin de Durand-Grager.
(Welsh fishwomen. Drawing by Durand-Brager)
Description: These fishwomen are very much like the cockle women from the south-west coast of Wales, especially Tenby, Swansea and Penclawdd. They are dressed very much like cockle women in other prints and photographs of the same period.
They are wearing soft felt hats over kerchiefs, shawls tucked into their aprons and short-sleeved gowns or jackets. The woman on the right appears to have separate sleeves. They are all wearing aprons and relatively short skirts (to avoid them getting wet when in the water). They are shown wearing good boots.
The jug, staved container and long root vegetable in the bottom right are almost identical to those in the same artist’s view of Welsh Women in Chester.
Published in ‘Costumes du pays de Galles. - Dessin de Grandsire d'apres M.A. Erny’ from ALFRED ERNY, Voyage dans le Pays de Galles, Paris, L.Hachette et Cie with 19 woodcuts by Émile Bayard Grandsire, (Le Tour du Monde, XV), (1867)

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