At National Museum Cardiff, we have our very own beehives on the roof of the Museum! Our three hives contain approximately 90,000 bees between them. A small group of Museum staff have been trained to care for the bees and check on the hive once a week from spring through until autumn. In the spring and summer they check that the queen is laying eggs and that the hive is 'happy'. In the autumn it is important to ensure the hive has enough food. We provide the hive with inverted sugar syrup (a mixture of glucose and fructose) to ensure they are well-fed. These images show the day that the bees first arrived at the Museum in August 2014. We received our bees and our training from local beekeepers 'Natures Little Helpers'. Our hives add to a collection of beehives in the centre of Cardiff. There are also hives in Cardiff University, The Royal Hotel and St David's shopping centre. Please scroll through to see all the images. This item is part of the Urban Meadow Teaching Resource for Foundation and Key Stage 2.

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