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In September 1988, the world's largest Leatherback turtle was found by a member of the public at Harlech, Gwynedd. The specimen was taken to the National Museum in Cardiff, where it was prepared for display.The Leatherback would become part of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Wales, which aimed to work as a educational tool and forum for the general visitor.In 1990, the Museum published the booklet 'The Leatherback Turtle' to accompany their new exhibit. The booklet emphasises the need to conserve all sea turtles in light of our (i.e. humans) increasingly enlightened attitude to the environment.Here we display several images from 'The Leatherback Turtle' relating to the stranding of the record-breaking Leatherback from Harlech in 1988.For full details of the stranding of the Leatherback at Harlech in 1988, please see: of Images: 1) Title page of “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990. 2) Turtle at the National Museum of Wales from “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990. 3) Transfer of turtle weighing 2016 lbs, (916 kg) from “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990. 4) Transfer of turtle weighing 2016 lbs, (916 kg) from “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990. 5) Moulding the turtle flippers for display from “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990. 6) Carapace, skull and skin after degreasing and preservation from “The Leatherback Turtle”, 1990.Copyright: The photos are covered by copyright from The National Museum Wales. Permissions have been acquired for use of these photos as part of the Living Seas Wales Project.

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