Dinosaur Detectives


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Unearth a dinosaur fossil, find out if T. rex had big feet and discover what dinosaurs liked to eat through a variety of puzzles and games. There is also the chance to meet Wales newest dinosaur Dracoraptor hanigani.

Download the iBook or PDF file onto your portable device and start finding out more. You can use it at home, or bring it to National Museum Cardiff and use it as you explore the galleries.


Foundation phase

Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Mathematical Development

Key Stage 2

Science, Mathematics


Learning Activity Pack

This resource provides learning activities for your students using our website. See the Quick Links below for a collection of images to accompany this Teaching Resource. The collection includes content from the resource, and extra images to enhance your pupils’ learning experience.

Curriculum for Wales

Age: 5-8 / Progression Step 2
Age: 5-8 / Progression Step 2
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3

Download Learning Resource

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