The Slate Industry


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The spectacular rise of the slate industry in north-west Wales began in the late 18th century, and reached its greatest scale in the late 19th century.

In this resource you will find several collections of images, objects and stories relating to slate mining in Wales. This includes 'The End of the Line'; a collection of oral histories gathered in a series of intergenerational digital story-telling sessions held at the National Slate Museum in 2009. In these films, recorded in Welsh and English, people share their memories of the period when the Dinorwig quarry closed in 1969.


Foundation Stage

History: Local History

Key Stage 2

History: 19th and 20th century


Learning Collection

We have collected these items together so that you can quickly and easily use them as resources to create activities for your class.

Curriculum for Wales

Age: 5-8 / Progression Step 2
Age: 8-11 / Progression Step 3

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