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Active Citizens

Young citizens was an initiative started by Sue Bidmead and Omar Ali involving local primary schools (Maindee Primary with Carol Wadsworth as Head teacher at the time). Inspired by youth warden Brian Selby, they learnt that primary school children - particularly those in the last year before going to high school was an ideal  opportunity for them to learn about other communities and society.

Youth workers and community development workers arranged visits to schools and made links to Community House to involve children in activities which benefitted the community. Inter-generational activities were started with the pensioner's Tuesday lunch club. Activities such as 'community clean up' were made enjoyable because participants could see the immediate and longer-term benefits.

Children learnt greater respect for others and made meaningful contributions to their community. In Sue Bidmead's interview, she recalls that Young Citizens was something that she was very proud to have been part of.

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