ABERFAN by Arthur Cole

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This was the first poem Arthur Cole ever wrote in January 2016 about the Aberfan disaster. 


Slag and slurry, the devil incarnate.
robbed a village of lives, and didn't abate.
On that early morn, sun fell from the sky.
a giant black shadow, drowning small cries.
Teachers and children, fighting for air.
black slag and slurry, laid the school bare.
Completely covered by the river of black.
many souls lost, if we could only go back.
The village would come, with all haste and speed
digging with hands, miners taking the lead.
Mothers would wail, where is my  child.
black stuff still sliding, a torrent so vile.
The number it took, was one forty four.
if  God had allowed, just a few hours more.
Half term it would be, later that day.
souls that we lost, would have been on their way.
The survivors they numbered one forty five.
sad and heartbroken, however alive.
God bless you all, please rest in peace.
never forgotten, our love will not cease.

Copyright Arthur Cole 2016 All Copyright Reserved

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