NO PIT FOR YOU BOY by Arhtur Cole

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A miner he'd been from a very young age.
a kind loving man, with the odd bout of rage.
"No pit for you boy" he'd always say.
schoolings the way to earn tidy pay.
Being so young, I took no heed.
never missed school, so could write and read.
I played the fool, and was full of wit.
at 16 I left, followed my dad down the pit.
He wasn't best pleased, and that is a fact.
flew into a rage, didn't hold back.
Once he'd cooled down, came back down to earth.
he gave me his blessing, I could see he was hurt.
For ten years and more, worked side by side.
went from a boy to a man, no easy ride.
Got married, had sons, life wasn't easy.
but the pit was my life, a lasting legacy.
My dads health declined, over the years.
dust in his lungs, eyes welled with tears.
Fighting for breath, in agony and pain.
his life at an end, but not in vain.
Dad finally passed, peaceful one night.
I remember those words, yes he was right.
"No pit for my boys" I whispered to him.
It's schooling for them, not dust and black phlegm.

Copyright Arthur Cole 2016 (10)