A TRIBUTE TO TOWER / Glofa'r Tŵr by Arthur Cole

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'A TRIBUTE TO TOWER....Glofa'r Tŵr.' Crawshay's folly, gave Tower its name, a world famous pit, it later became. Coal was abundant, the valley alive, plenty of work, families could thrive. Then Maggie came, wielding her axe, deep mines would close, that was a fact. Tower was listed, pre eighty four, new roads driven, giving at least ten years more. The death knell came in ninety four, Tower succumbed, to Maggie's vile law. The valley weeping, oh so forlorn, brave men angry, venting their scorn. What now the future, a community spent, no work for the men, so much discontent. A buy out the plan, Tower is viable, Tyrone led the way, a man so reliable. Like a phoenix she rose, producing again, the valley alive, after oh so much pain, Men again mined, a mistress they loved, always protected, by the good Lord above. For fourteen years the Tower stood proud, then the day came, another black cloud. The closure now final, but not by the Tories, her valley all marched, and regaled in their glory. The story of Tower will live on forever, a legacy of hope, faith and endeavour. This special breed, remembered with pride, families of heroes, who fought side by side.   Copyright Arthur Cole 2016 (42)   https://www.facebook.com/groups/1656109051306720/permalink/1664203450497280/