The Knockers..."Bwca" by Arthur Cole

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This poem was written by Arthur Cole who said: "Here's one I wrote for my old mates Steve Johnson/Bill Coleman, (Oh and any other member who served down the mines, all brave men) who can relate to the workings and myth underground"

 "The Knockers"..."Bwca"

Malevolent spirits, roaming deep underground,

mythical creatures, loud "knocking" sounds.

Two feet tall, with mischief their calling,

miner's garb worn "knocking" their warning.

Pit props would creak, a miner's nightmare,

methane and rocks, a swift deadly pair

"Knockers" would warn, danger below,

brave miners would run, evading the foe.

They wander the face, in the bowels below,

playing their tricks, causing miners much woe.

Food they would steal, as if by right,  

not seen or heard, like thieves in the night.

Many believed the "Knockers" existed,

others more sceptic, their warnings resisted.

Death their reward, for mining below,

buried alive, with now no place to go. 

Who are these "Knockers" who lurk down below,

dead miners they say, or maybe their souls.

Their wicked deeds, folklore history,

"Knockers" still shrouded in deep mystery. 


Copyright: Arthur Cole, 2016 (90)