Gwenddwr Smithy and New House, Powys

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You can see in the images of the lost village where old road was as well with the hedgerows and the ford down by the Smithy. Smithy run by 3rd and 2nd Grandfathers both called John 'the Blacksmith' Davies. Then also by my granduncle 'Ray' Davies of Beiliglas. The current road on up through Gwenddwr past the school appears in old maps as a track. The road went up towards the Fron from the ford. Down by the Ford you can still see the building the Smithy was in and the remains of New House where both the John's lived. My 2nd great grandmother, Rosannah Davies née Parry, passed away when she was 28 and so when her unmarried sister married John to bring up my great grandmother she did not want to live there and the stone was used from New House to heighten Beiliglas.