Telynores Gwalia

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Elizabeth (Bessie) Jones was born and raised in Liverpool alongside her sisters. Her father, the poet Hugh Jones ('Trisant') hailed originally from Anglesey.  Bessie was a well known harpist, who became famous for her recitals when she was a young woman at the turn of the twentieth century both in Wales and further afield, and became known as 'Telynores Gwalia'.  She made her mark performing at the Liverpool National Eisteddfod in 1900 and travelled with well known choirs such as Côr y Deheudir as well as taking part in concerts held in venues such as the Park Hall in Cardiff. She also appeared as an accomanist for some of Wales' well known singers. According to an article in 'Cymru' (No. 28, 1905) she provided accompanyment for 'Eos Dâr' during one of the 'Noson gyda'r Delyn' ('A night with the harp') concerts in Liverpool as early as 1989 for example, and she regularly received glowing reviews for her performances,by poet and novelist Gwyneth Vaughan (Annie Harriett Hughes) for example who declared her great admiration for her in 'Cymru'r Plant' (July 1901). In 1913 Elizabeth Jones married the Breton Celtic Scholar, Pol Diverres, who later became Keeper of Manuscripts at the National Library of Wales.

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