A Model Town poem

A collaborative poem written by pupils from Model School engaged in the Lead Creative Schools Project. The poem is a response to a visit to Carmarthen Museum in the company of Carmarthen based poet Elinor Wyn Reynolds. Elinor and the group co-wrote the poem on their return to school.

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Portrait of a young coracler, by George O....

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Caermarthen Castle

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A Model Town

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A Model Town poem

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A Model Town

There’s a quiet, calm breeze where we’re standing in the school yard

whooshing leaves on the trees and rainbows dancing in the sky.

Far away we see fields and hills like lime green jigsaw pieces  stuck together

dark green, silky green, turquoise green, emerald green

We turn towards the town and walk down Water Street,

swimming, diving, flowing towards Catherine Street,

following in the steps of the drovers and the chattering geese

walking through tar and sand, making little shoes to walk to market far away.

We’ll stop at the amphitheatre – we have tickets!

We’re going to see the gladiators fighting brutally – we’re going to go crazy,

pulling silly faces like gargolyes, to scare the bad spirits away. 

Down by the quay where the big boats used to come

carrying exotic things from far away, the river Tywiflows fast

and sometimes coracles bob up and down like little black shells.


Upriver, at the Bishop’s Palace, there are precious things encased

they are ancient artefacts kept carefully and gently for memories

for us to get smart about history and know what it was like in the olden days.

Today, we are slices of history 

living our lives on the connecting, busy, winding streets of


Blwyddyn 4 Model School

28 February 2018

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