'The Legacy of Van Mansion' by 3H, Cwrt Rawlin Primary School

Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative award winners 2017

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The Legacy of Van Mansion’ is a fascinating project about Van Mansion by Year 3 pupils at Cwrt Rawlin Primary School, Caerphilly. Van Mansion is a Tudor mansion that can be seen from Cwrt Rawlin Primary School car park. Pupils researched the history of Van Mansion, the Tudors and the link to Caerphilly castle. Pupils created a fantastic webpage on the school website for the project, and also created an information leaflet to pass on what they have learnt to their community. This project won an Award in the Welsh Heritage School Initiative 2017.

School project webpage:

Link to information leaflet:


The Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative runs an annual competition for heritage projects in schools in Wales.  Its aim is to encourage young people in schools in Wales to take a greater interest in their heritage and the contribution made to it by their families and communities.

The Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative comments on the project:

This was a very interesting project that clearly captured the imagination of the children. Moving away from the more obvious study of Caerphilly Castle, these Y3 pupils determined to focus on another local landmark, the Van Mansion, whose story was less known, but whose origin, they discovered, had, indeed, links to the castle.

This study took them in various directions which not only expanded their knowledge of the house but also about life in Tudor times. The class have constructed a website which will serve to educate the local community on a house that is clearly visible to all who live in the area.


The project was publicised in a press release by Caerphilly County Borough Council:



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