Log Book Entry 7/3/2018

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We were talking about ways of measuring and what we might be able to use.  Erin spotted a big ball of wool and we took it outside to see if we could use it.  We decided to try and measure the bench.  We used the wool to measure the width and height and length of the bench.  We cut the different lengths of wool.  We then measured the wool against the metre ruler.  Max recorded the measurements on a piece of paper.  We then measured the bench again using a tape measure to compare the accuracy of the measurement.  Charlie made a measuring rope with five knots in it at 5m apart.

We then got a trundle wheel which measures in metres.  There is a counter on the side of the wheel that tells you the distance.  We decided to measure the cage.  We took in turns and recorded the length of all the sides.  We then went back in and we used the measurements to make a plan of the cage on graph paper and we chose a scale that would fit. 19m became 19cm.

We then looked at a plan of the Old Model School and we had all the measurements so we decided to try and enlarge the plan and draw it on the cage.  We used chalk to do this.  To enlarge the map we had to multiply all the measurements by 40.  Emilia used a calculator to do this.  

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