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The Critically Endangered Angelshark, once common across the western British Isles, is a rare species of shark that glides across the seabed with elongated fins.
After suffering widespread decline across its range over the last century, there have been an increasing number of sightings of this rare species along the Welsh coast in recent years, giving hope for it’s future.

In Wales, Angelsharks are also known as monkfish or angel fish, and they are sometimes mistaken for a ray or mis-recorded as Anglerfish.

A unique feature of the project is collecting old photographs and memories of Angelsharks from communities across Wales through an Angelshark History Roadshow. We hope the information generated will not only help to gain a greater understanding of Angelshark ecology in Welsh waters, but also bring communities together and inspire younger generations to learn more about Wales’ rich maritime heritage.

In addition, through the help of citizen scientists, we have scoured local libraries, archives, historic magazines and museums for information on Angelsharks. We are digitising the information captured through this research and displaying it in collaboration with People's Collection Wales.

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Angelshark caught off Nash Point, South Wales

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Angelshark caught from Aberdovey, 1973

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Charlie Barlett catching an Angelshark,...

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