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Llangynidr Local History Society

Date joined: 15/11/18


The aims of the society are to establish, record and maintain the historical make up of the village. It seeks to examine the archaeological and social history of the village and to create a record which is as comprehensive as possible, easy to access by all and safely preserved in the digital and material archive. Particular areas which form the base of the society’s work are - Archaeological digs in areas of known or suspected local historical value. - Studies of the historical development of village institutions and services. - The impact of major external events on the community, particularly the two world wars and changes in transportation. - The patterns of work in the village and the means of living. - Studies of families and social mobility over time.
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My life in Llangynidr, Powys

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Reminiscence of Llangynidr church lychgate, Powys

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Memories of the lychgate

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Introduction to Llangynidr lychgate restoraton...

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