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Photograph Collection of W.E. Bowen.

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Hi and welcome to the Photograph Collection of my father William Emlyn Bowen. My name is Roy Bowen and I was born in 1953 in the small village of Cwmgwrach in the Neath Valley. This collection of photographs is what my father has either taken or collected over the years in and around the upper Neath Valley. The collection will eventually include photo's mainly from the villages of Pontneathvaughan, Glynneath, Cwmgwrach, Rheola and Resolven. The aim is to show the social history of the villages through the last century via these photographs, they will include village carnivals, street scenes, sports and social team photo's, waterfalls, local industries, road building, the river Neath and much more. But before we get started here is a little about my father. My father's name is William Emlyn Bowen, better known as "Billy" by all who new him, and was born in the village of Glynneath on the 31 May 1929 and passed away in 2012 after a fall. For many years he was, along with his father, the hairdresser in Glynneath and later in Cwmgwrach as well. He was also a professional photographer mainly taking wedding photographs, local functions, rugby and social teams, and also employed to take photos of many of the local industries. He was also an avid collector of old photos of the area, people would ask him to copy old photos as he had the equipment to do so (no such thing as scanners then) and as payment he would keep a copy of the photo. This way he collected over the years many old photos which hopefully you will find interesting and will show the social history of these villages in the Upper Neath valley for generations to come. I have also created a website for this photo collection, which includes more about my father, blogs, and some interesting links to other sites, you can see this website by clicking on the link below.
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