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Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau first opened its doors to pupils in 1878 and was a pioneer of secondary education for girls in Wales. The school closed in 1975, just short of its centenary. "Still Ardua Semper - Sharing Stories of Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau 1878-1975" is an Old Girls Association project in partnership with the University of Aberystwyth and the Dolgellau Record Office and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project is to catalogue the archives at the Record Office and to create a new interactive website for old girls to upload their stories and items. The new website is currently in preparation and will be launched in September.
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Dr Williams School Photo 1910-11

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Dr Williams School Reunion at 10 Downing Street

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Dr Williams's School, Dolgellau croquet game

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Dr Williams' School, Dolgellau

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Prince of Wales visits Dolgellau, 1923

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Dr Williams' School Bridge opening in 1938

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Dr Williams's School, Dolgellau

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Dr Williams' School, 1920s

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Glyn Malden - Dr Williams' School Junior...

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School Bridge Road

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