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The Cummings Sisters: Watercolour Glimpses of North Wales

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Beatrice (1856-1935) and Annie Francis Cummings (1861-1925) travelled extensively throughout North Wales and parts of England, sketching and painting the natural world and the man-made features they encountered along the way.

The content of the twenty-nine albums they produced during these travels is not only a pictorial record of where they went and what they saw, but also serves as a very intimate reflection of what they valued and their appreciation of the landscape and the life around them. Basically, we know virtually nothing more about them other than what can be gleaned from the contents of the albums.

In 2015 the albums passed from the family in Cape Town to the 'Friends of Rondebosch Common', before being digitised and researched extensively by Mark Callaghan in South Africa.

The physical albums are now archived at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, where volunteers worked on the metadata and published much of the material on the People's Collection Wales.