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B.A., Penn State University, 1965; M.A., George Washington University,1967; Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1974. President of the Carbondale Historical Society and Museum, 1980--present; author of 26 e-books on the history of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company and Gravity Railroad; author of hundreds of articles on local history and genealogy.


Avondale Mine Disaster, September 6, 1869,...

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Côr Dathlu Cwmtawe 2018 American Tour

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Côr Dathlu Cwmtawe 2015 American Tour Article

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The Welsh Pioneer Settlers of Carbondale, PA,...

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Three Welsh Tombstones in Maplewood Cemetery,...

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Athenydd, the Welsh Bard, and his wife, Frances...

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Carbondale's Welsh Roots

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