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"So much of the life and work of Community House is woven together of strands that are almost impossible to unravel. However, community, faith, politics and peace would seem to be the main threads.

My call to the ministry in 1938 had less to do with preaching than with new and radical ways of service to the underprivileged, whose lack of political power was of growing concern to me. I became more critical of the Church’s obsession with the past, and her isolation from the poor and their cry for social justice.

Politics is the way we order the life of our community both local and international. Not to be in politics is to be political. It is to say yes to the continuing destruction of our environment and our communities. It is to accept that profit is more important than creation".

– Cyril Summers

Eventually Cyril was to decide that he needed to take a more active role directly in politics and was made a ward councillor for Maindee and then the Mayor in 1983. Cyril had always been a staunch supporter of the Labour Party.

He was a strongly motivated Peace Maker and as Mayor chose the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as his chosen charity and discouraged any military marching in his Mayoral Parade.

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