Photos of Aberaeron
Colour transparency showing Belle Vue Terrace, Aberaeron, produced by Iain Wright, June 2004
RCAHMW colour transparency showing exterior view of Town Hall, Aberaeron
The Harbourmaster is the purple building on the left-hand side.
This is Aberaeron town hall.
This statue was unveiled in Aberaeron in 2005. An annual Welsh Cob Festival is held in the town.
The houses in Aberaeron are in many different colours. In the olden days, fishermen would use the same paint for the boats and houses.
This notice was published in an effort to solve the problem of poor school attendance. Absenteeism was a serious problem in many Welsh schools during this period. Translation of the notice: Llandegfan School Board Notice for Parents and Masters 1....
This is the diary of David John Davies, an engineer on the HMS Tara which was torpedoed by the Germans in the Mediterranean on 5 November 1915. The HMS Tara, a former passenger steamer, had been requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1914 and was sent to...
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