Wales Coastal Path

May 2012 sees the opening of 870 miles of coastal path around Wales, from Chester in the north to Chepstow in the south. Rich with heritage and history, this collection contains items from various places along the path.
Photographed by Geoff Charles.
A view of Colwyn Bay, showing shops, people, and horses and carts. Photographed by John Thomas.
Coygan Cave is an important archaeological site. Not only did it provide evidence, in the shape of stone tools, for the presence of late neanderthal people, but it also produced a vast quantity of fossilised animal bones from ice age fauna such as reindeer,...
RCAHMW digital colour oblique photograph of Segontium Roman fort, Caernarfon in the afternoon sun viewed from the south. Taken on 08/06/2005 by T.G. Driver.
The Harbourmaster is the purple building on the left-hand side.
This statue was unveiled in Aberaeron in 2005. An annual Welsh Cob Festival is held in the town.
Slide of RCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Bulwarks Camp, taken by C.R. Musson, 24/3/1994.
Slide of RCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Penarth Dock, taken by C.R. Musson, 4/7/1995.
Slide of RCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Caernarfon Castle, taken by C.R. Musson, 1/5/1994.
A photo survey by Douglas Hague, consisting of 24 black and white photos of the houses and buildings of Aberaeron.
Slide of RCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Conway Castle, taken by C.R. Musson, 14/2/1996.
View over the roofs of the changing cubicles at Cold Knap Lido, Barry. The Cold Knap Lido was opened on 1st May 1926 and was one of the largest open-air pools in Britain, being 120 yards long and 20 yards wide. The pool enjoyed its heyday in the 1950s...
Colour digital photographic survey of Caldicot Castle consisting of 14 images, by Stephen Hughes, 23/09/2001.
RCAHMW colour transparency showing interior view of Llannerchaeron House, taken by Iain Wright, c.1997
RCAHMW digital colour oblique photograph of Harlech Castle. Taken on 17/05/2005 by T.G. Driver.
Black and white vertical aerial photograph, taken by the RAF, showing Colwyn Bay 1957.
RCAHMW colour oblique aerial photograph of Castell Henllys, hillfort, stereo colour, left side. Taken by Toby Driver on 31/03/2003
This unofficial census of Caernarfon was taken on 10 June 1794 by Richard Griffith.
During the 17th century, the development of Cardigan port as a centre for trade and herring fishing provided a market for a budding boatbuilding industry, and the further increase in trade during the latter half of the 18th century led to the construction...
Rights to run on Mumbles railway were bought by Swansea Improvements and Tramways in 1874. On 17/8/1877 they introduced the Hughes Patent steam locomotive 'The Pioneer' (seen here). In 1878 horse-drawn trams were reintroduced, and these continued in use...
Horse-drawn carriage (stage-coach design).
This photograph shows the inside of the Chieftain's House.
This census of the population of Beaumaris was conducted in 1821. Two volumes were produced - this second volume lists the names of the householders and provides details about the number of families who were living in each house. Information is also...
Looking from Castle Ditches towards St Donats. Note the provision of tennis courts.
St Illtyd's Church is on the blue plaque trail
Rowboats and Sailboats on the bank on the River Conwy with the Castle in the background.
It isn't clear when the tradition of declaring a King of Bardsey originated, but this crown was used by successive 'Kings' from 1820 until the last King of Bardsey, Love Pritchard II, died in 1927. View item in 3D
Reproduced with thanks to Tony Jones and Gwenllian Jones.
Reproduced with thanks to Tony Jones and Gwenllian Jones.
Ferry, ships in front of Caernarfon castle.
Farm workers and animals next to a river and bridge.
View of Beaumaris and Bangor across the Menai Strait from the Anglesey shoreline; individuals watch ships sail on the strait.
View of Chepstow Castle with three figures in foreground.
View of Caernarfon Castle. Ships and rowing boats in foreground.
A view of the ruins of Pennard castle with sightseers walking towards it. In the background one can see small boats sailing.
A view of Weobley Castle with figures in the foreground and cattle walking towards it.
A view of the ruins of Oystermouth castle overlookind the bay. In the background Mumbles and Mumbles lighthouse can be seen.
A view of the ruins of Caldicot castle with cattle grazing in the foreground.
View of Conwy Castle and Conwy Suspension Bridge, with sailing boats in the foreground.
Aerial view showing Llanerchaeron in the snow, taken December 2010.
The pier, 396m long, was built in the late 1860s at Douglas on the Isle of Man. It was carefully dismantled, transported and re-erected in 1895 at Rhos Point at the western end of Colwyn Bay, where it is shown in this 1934 view, as an attraction for the...
Aerial photograph showing the town of Caernarfon, taken in 2006. Click on image to enlarge.
Click on image to enlarge and compare the two photographs. The central body of water, seen in both photographs,is the No 1 Dock - seen from different angles. The large General Offices building can also be seen in both photographs. At the time the first...
The Esplanade, Port Talbot.
The 'Bertha Bremen' at Port Talbot Docks.
Views of Aberavon and Port Talbot
Margam Castle, Port Talbot.
During the eighteenth century there were dozens of mills like this one at Trefin dotted around the Pembrokeshire countryside. Local wheat and barley were milled for use in baking and to feed livestock. From 1900 onwards, cheaper wheat was being imported...
The Blue Lagoon at Abereiddi on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. It was the site of a slate quarry.
This is a postcard of the Barry Island bathing pool postmarked 1923 sent to Miss Elsie Neale, Hampshire from Ada. Ada had biked to this spot "to keep from getting too fat". Unfortunately Ada tells us nothing of what she thought of the bathing...
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