The Tinsmith: George Scammell, Abergavenny

The tinsmith was at one time a common craftsman in both town and country, making a variety of goods out of tin. These goods were used in homes, on farms, in coal mines, and in factories.

This collection was showcased at the 2016 National Eisteddfod as part of Amgueddfa Cymru's contribution to the Lle Hanes stand.

There are 11 items in this collection

Hollowing hammer belonging to George Scammel

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George Scammell in his workshop at Union Road,...

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A miner’s food box made by George Scammell, 1968

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George Scammell in his workshop on Union Road,...

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Miner’s two pint tea jack made by George Scammell

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George Scammell creating a meat tin, 1968

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Snips with jaws

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Wing compass

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Milk jack

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Cake tin

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Pieces of a miner's tea jack

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