Date: 1 April 1915



The British steamer "Falaba" was torpedoed on March 28th by a German submarine, with the loss of many lives.

A curse upon you—coward foe!
Who "hits below the belt,"
To whom no chivalry appeals,
No claims of mercy melt.

You go upon your hellish way
Unchecked by pride or shame,
Alone—of all the armed hosts
Who fail to "play the game"!

Through generations yet unborn
This brand shall stamp your clay,
That, like the wild beasts of the field,
You sprang upon your prey.

Your quarry still, the young and old,
Belligerent or "lay"—
You recognise no sanctuary,
All moments are your "Day"!

What solemn pledge—what sacred oath
Might stay your ruthless brand?
Who own no law on heaven or earth
Above your own right hand!

A curse upon you!—who have brought
The human race so low,
And shown the depths of infamy
To which mankind can go.

When, casting off this influence
Alike, of God and man
They are, unto themselves a law
With right to bless and ban.

A curse upon you. Yet! O hold—
Not ours to spell your fate,
In Heaven's good time the bolt shall fall,
We may but watch and wait.


'A Malediction.' The Chronicle. 1 Apr. 1915. 3.

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