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Date: 1 April 1915



I was fishing t'other morning
From my motor-boat off Deal,
And was wond'ring when old Tirpitz
With his Navy (?) would leave Kiel
Wond'ring what the German people
(For it fairly puzzles ME)
Can be thinking of a Navy
That's afraid to go to sea!

Yet old Turpentine, the Teuton,
Has the bloomin' nerve to say
He's blockading British seaports!
Well, he's got a curious way
Of blockading. Why, for every
Vessel sunk by submarine
There are hundreds come in daily,
By his pirates never seen!

[cartoon showing Jack fishing]
I was fishing t'other morning.

I had caught some dozen fishes,
And was thinking I would do,
When I hears a curious thumping—
Sounded like some steamer's screw.
But I couldn't see one nowhere;
Not a vessel was in sight.
"Why, the sound comes from beneath me[,"]
I explained. And I was right.

Suddenly the surface rippled
Where before 'thad been like glass.
Then the water bubbled madly,
And I saw a mighty Trass
Heaving up, quite close 'longside me.
What. the dickens chuld it mean?
Twas no monster fish I'd sighted;
'Twas a German submarine!

[cartoon of Jack spotting the submarine]
'Twas a German submarine.

'Course, they didn't waste torpedoes
On a little craft like mine;
Sinking helpless merchant vessels
Reckon is more in their line.
As I watched her I was thinking
Furiously what I should do.
Could I capture her, I wondered—
Submarine and pirate crew?

Single-handed I was helpless,
She would be no prize o' mine,
And was thinking of vamoosing,
When I notices my line.
And a happy idea struck me,
Why, I almost cheered with joy
When I saw, just lying for'ard
In my boat, a mooring buoy.

[cartoon of Jack pursuing the submarine]
I follows close behind.

Now the submarine had almost
Disappeared: I didn't wait
For a moment, out my line went—
Plenty hooks, but little bait.
Yes! I'd managed, caught her somewhere—
Whereabouts, I didn't care.
Then the mooring buoy I fastened
To the line—I'd fathoms there.

"Now I reckon you're a goner,"
And I follows close behind
That small mooring buoy that pointed
Where a Navy boat could find
Any time a German pirate.
Well, we hadn't got past Rye,
When I sighted a destroyer.
"You're the very thing," says I.

[cartoon of Jack signalling a destroyer]
I signalled a destroyer.

And I signals her as follows:
"I've a pirate here from Kiel,
Got her safely hooked when fishing
For my breakfast, just off Deal.
That's my mooring buoy she's towing
Unbeknown she's just below."
And they signalled back the message,
"You're a caution What a go!"

Well, they captured her at sundown,
Captured her and—saved the crew!
What's that? Hanging's what they merit?
Aye, there's thousands think like you!
And that mooring buoy's at home now,
To remind me how, off Deal,
It assisted in the capture
Of a pirate out from Kiel.

McMann, W. 'Jack's Yarns: "A Pirate from Kiel".' The Brecon County Times. 1 Apr. 1915. 7.

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