In 1926, Aberystwyth hosted the Tenth Annual Congress of the International Federation of League of Nations Societies (IFLNS). The IFLNS brought together associations who promoted the ideals of the League in various countries. It was considered by some to be a ‘Third Chamber’ of the League of Nations. They discussed international issues. They also debated how to shape public opinion and influence government policy towards favouring the League. The IFLNS met once a year in a different city. Due to the Germany entry into the League that year (1926), Dresden had originally been planned to host the event. However these plans fell through due to the lack of planning and disapproval by some delegates to host the event in Germany. When it became evident that the event would not go ahead, the Welsh League of Nations movement decided to organise the event at Aberystwyth. They wanted to show the world that Wales was being proactive in working towards world peace.
This pamphlet was constructed by the IFLNS prior to the conference. Meeting schedules informed visiting delegates of the arrangements. Prior to the Congress visiting Aberystwyth, the British League of Nations Union held meetings at their London Headquarters (pp. 4-5). A list of the delegates who were scheduled to visit is also supplied (pp. 12-19). These included delegates from France, Russia and Sweden. It was printed in English and French as these were the two official operating languages of the League of Nations.

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