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The 1934-35 annual report of the Executive Committee to the Welsh National Council of the League of Nations Union. The report summarised the local and international activity of the Welsh LNU. A highlight of the year was the Peace Ballot (officially known as the National Declaration on the League of Nations and Armaments). The ballot, that was not officially endorsed by the government, was a questionnaire that discovered the British public's opinion of the League of Nations. The Welsh LNU were responsible for promoting the ballot in Wales. The report summarised responses and provided an analytical break down of the results (pp. 34- 36).

In April 1935, a South Wales sub-Committee was established that consisted of Executive Committee members who resided in South Wales. This came eight years after the decision to establish a North Wales sub-Committee (p. 10). The report encapsulated the increasing international tension with informing readers of international events. Resolutions on international matters were adopted by the Welsh LNU (pp. 10-14).

Note: front cover missing due to poor condition.

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