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Wonderbrass are an internationally acclaimed 25 piece Soul, Funk, Ska, Latin, Jazz juggernaut -- a danceaholic wall of sound -- a kick-ass brass tidal wave -- unmissable!!!!!; Wonderbrass formed in 1992 as a community street band from Pontypridd South Wales. Today they are bigger, bolder and brassier (pun intended) than ever before. Under the expert leadership of instrumentalist and composer Rob Smith and drummer extraordinaire Mark O'Connor, Wonderbrass are constantly evolving and exploring new musical challenges.

Video transcript:

Community spirited music, I think, is a lot more genuine than the professionals would be.
The professionals - yeah, I understand you need them,it has to be an incredibly high standard,but community based music always feels to me like it's got more soul.
You know, it sings well in my heart.
I've always been part of the band, but it's always special to come and see friends -old friends, and see what they've done.It's an energy that's special.
This morning it took two hours for people just to get ready to play.You can't rush that.Rob was ready today, he just went, "10.00 start rehearsal",so I was like, "Rob it's 10.15, people will be..."He's going, "Let them go. They need their time to say hello."and nobody's going to go home at 4.00, I don't need to finish at 4.00."They'll still be here at 5.00."
But when we come together it's like a family.I think that's why it works and this is what makes Wonderbrass.
Relaxedness, you can call it that.
When you go into a studio, you've got a very limited time.You've got to be like, "Bang, bang, bang, this is done!"Wonderbrass doesn't work like that. It's a very organic band.
It's like, "Oh, that sounded good, let's do that again!"
It was hard when we came to the mixing because we would find one thing and go,"That's right, but we just need to fix a little bit."
Mixing it was hard because you don't know who is going to be there.You just know that the music is going to be of an energy level that you're going to have fun, so you don't care who's going to be there.
And seeing old friends, you're like, "Oh, man!", you know? I love it. I love it.But when you see the band live,it's an experience rather than just listening to music.You've got to see it, you've got to feel it.
Fifty years? I don't think I'm going to be alive that long!I think we should do thirty years, definitely.

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