This 'combined' annual report, straddling the WW2 years 1943-46, covers the period of transition from the pre-war Welsh League of Nations Union, to the post-war United Nations Association Welsh National Council, as they took on the lead as Wales' peace building national body operating from Wales' then relatively newly opened Temple of Peace and Health (1938) - which due the outbreak of hostilities had seen limited public use through WW2 other than for services and visitors to the WW1 Book of Remembrance.
Following the death of Lord David Davies in 1944, founder of the League and of the Temple of Peace, the newly fledged UNA had to carve out a new niche for itself in post-war Britain where austerity would limit campaigning resources for many years. However, the creation of the United Nations after WW2 also offered the realisation of the hopes and aspiration of many for a truly effective world order, in which Wales could shape its way. With the advent of the atomic bomb, a new era and priorities for peace campaigning emerged.

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