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Kevin Hawke is a keen diver and Living Seas Wales volunteer. This image is taken from his dive log and records a dive near the Skokholm 27th July 1997. During the dive he observed a variety of marine wildlife which he describes in the "Dive Details" section of the log book (transcribed below).

Dive Details: Launched out of Gelliswick Sea Harrier for Skokholm. Sea started to swell as we got to St Anne's Head - what a ride! Followed Delyth and Carole down the anchor line - very limited visibility. Carole thought she had lost her computer, so we had a look around, but could hardly see the bottom. Had a paddle about, vis made it difficult. Delyth spotted a large lobster which she attempted to catch but he escaped into the cloud. Found a few bits of metal from the wreck which was really broken up and spread over a wide area. Not up to the usuall standard of dive mostly due to the lack of vis?- but also choice of site?

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