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Nascenza Arcari, sister of Sabatino Arcari of Swansea, married Ferdinando Pompa and came to Morriston in the late1800s. It is said they saved every penny until the Morriston shop came on the market for £300. It was in a prominent position, right on the Cross and perfect for business. Mr Pompa was on holiday, and unusually for the time, Nascenza went ahead and bought it. That was to be their home and business for the rest of their lives.
They later added to that by acquiring another shop on the corner of Dillwyn Street and St Helen’s Road, in Swansea, directly opposite the YMCA, which is a fast-food outlet today. The café was run by their son Alf (onso) and his wife, Genoveffe. During the war, the café received a hit from an explosive device and Genoveffe was thrown from the front to the back of the café. Miraculously, several hours later, she was pulled from the rubble relatively unscathed.
The war brought even worse for the family, though, when internment was announced in 1940, despite living in the UK for around 50 years, Ferdinando Pompa was rounded up with all other Italians. It was eventually discovered that he was to be deported to Canada. Tragically, after months of living in sire, unsanitary holding units, along with many other internees, he boarded the ill-fated 'Arandora Star’. The ship never reached Canada and was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland. Sadly, Ferdinando lost his life along with almost 500 other Italians, over 700 in all and Nascenza was left to carry on with her life without her dear husband.
Some years later, Alfonso, known as Alf, opened a café in Chemical Road, Morriston, while his brother Fred had the Fish & Chip café around the corner from the original café on the Cross.

Photo 1: Mrs Pompa, Chemical Road
Photo 2: Nascenza Pompa
Photo 3: Nascenza Pompa and Family
Photo 4: Nascenza & Ferdinando Pompa and Family circa 1905
Photo 5: Pompas, Chemical Road
Photo 6: Pompa Swansea Café Opp YMCA
Photo 7: Alf Agnes and Laura Pompa

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