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'Heddwch' is the national supporters magazine of CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, from 1981 to present.
Page 1:
• Photo
Page 2:
• Decision Time 2016 Stop Trident - Join us at a CND anti-nuclear weapons demonstration in London in February.
Page 3:
• Labour CND - Wales: Labour Gets Going Against Trident - The election of Jeremy Corbyn brings hope that Labour may adopt a pocity of opposing nuclear weapons.
Page 4:
• Trident Opposition: in the Public Interest - Trident Ploughshares’ latest campaign looks to bring the war crimes constituted by Trident before the courts.
Page 5:
• Trident: Scotland - in tune with the times -The SNP has voted to adopt a policy of opposition to the Trident Renewal.
• Onward in Gwent - CND Cymru took its anti-nuclear petitioning to Blackwood.
Page 6:
• Hiroshima and Nagasaki: ‘Byth eto! Never Again!’ - 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Page 7:
• Review - Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War
Page 8:
• Nuclear Power: It is a Goood Morning, Campers! - PAWB hosted a three-day protest outside the gates of Wylfa nuclear power station in August.
Page 9:
• Nuclear Power: Hinkley C - too expensive to meter? - Protests were held at Hinkley Point throughout October.
Page 10:
• Drones Watch: Hellishcopters at Llanbedr - Military drone-testing is taking place at Llanbedr Airfield.
• Aberporth Watchkeeper Money Waste - Watchkeeper drones have cost the British taxpayer £1.2billion.
Page 11:
• Drones Watch: Llanbedr Four - Four Welsh anti-drone protestors ordered to pay a fine and given a 6 month conditional discharge by Caernarfon Court.
• Thales Ten in Scotland - Ten protestors in court for blockading the Thales drone component manufacturing factory in response to the war in Gaza.
• Victory for English Drones Protestors - UAV Engines Ltd. has lost its injuction against protestors.
Page 12:
• Commemorative DVD: Ray Davies 1930 - 2015 - A life in song and struggle
• Alan Mackinnon 1946 - 2015 - Obituary.
Page 13:
• Remembrance Day - White poppies were laid at Remembrance Day events for Peace across Wales.
Page 14:
• Archives: Welsh Peace Archives - The South Wales Miner’s Library has donated some of the late David Morris’ papers to the Welsh Political Archive.
• North Wales - Syria: Goodwill, Solidarity and Friendship - New Wales/Syria support group set up in North Wales.
• Indian Anti-Nuclear Activity - Pradeep Indulkar’s anti-nuclear films have been shown across Europe.
Page 15:
• Diary Dates
• Margaret Innocent - Obituary.
Page 16:
• Eisteddfod 2015
• Heddwch Contacts
• CND Cymru Briefings
• CND Cymru Contacts

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